Music Business - Management

Music Management

The student will learn the methodologies, concepts and skills necessary to manage the artistic, financial, legal, and ethical issues that face the contemporary music business professional. The student may choose one of 3 available tracks within the major:
  • Management in corporate environments.
  • Music products industry.
  • Self directed or entrepreneurial activity.
The student majoring in Music Business/Management will demonstrate functional mastery of necessary concepts and skills by completing a final project.

Careers in Music Business:

Personal Manager

Personal managers represent one or more artists or musical groups, and inspect all aspects of an act's career.

Booking Agent

Booking agents is responsible of to contract a musical artist and groups, Generally also search talent to book.

Concert Promoter

The concert promoter is responsible of to organize, present, advertise and in several cases finance concerts at performance venues such as clubs and festivals.

Independent Radio Promoter

The Independent Radio Promoter is responsible of to contact radio station program directors, disc jockeys and music directors.


An entrepreneur is responsible of to operate, organize, assumes the danger for a music business venture. Some businesses: Performing Band, Music Retail, Recording Studio Facility, Artist Management, Booking Agency, Private Teaching Practice, Music Publishing Company, Record Label, etc.

Retail Sales Management

A Retail Sales Manager is responsible of operates & runs a retail music store. A Retail Sales Manager also is responsible of a training, supervision, ordering and too of coordinate sales promotions for specific CDs.

Business Manager

Generally, the business manager is responsible of the financial affairs of entertainers and musicians.

A business manager must have business administration with experience in management or accounting and also should have wisdom for a good negotiating.

Music Supervisor

A music supervisor is responsible of license popular songs for a TV Soundtrack, film or other media format.

Music Business Consultant

The Music Business Consultant suggest his/her clients, who are usually artists, entrepreneurs or music industry professionals, on music business strategy for their business or career.


A film/TV music contractor is responsible for hiring the musicians and tending to all the essential contract obligations through AFM (American Federation of Musicians).