Careers in Film Scoring

Film Scoring

Film Composer

A film composer generally accompany an movie or television with music. The principal role of a movie composer is to supply the orchestral dramatic underscore.

Music Editor

A music editor is responsible for synchronizing and mixing the music with the movie, and also mixing the music with the movie soundtrack. Music editor must be versatile, and have a excellent musical sensitivity,

Programmer (Sequencing)

The Programmer uses music sequencing software and sometimes notation software to create MIDI keyboard - synthesizer tracks for insertion in the movie score.

Sometimes, a programmer will sequence a piece of music or a composition, which will allow the music editor and composer an occasion to hear the composition before it reaches the scoring stage.


The Orchestrator is responsible for writing scores for an individual instrumentalist(s), orchestra, choral group, band or vocalist(s). Usually an orchestrator to move music from one instrument or voice to another in order to accommodate a particular music instrument, group or musician.

Music Supervisor

The music supervisor is responsible to find and license popular songs for inclusion of background in the film.


A film/TV music contractor is responsible for hiring the musicians and tending to all the essential contract obligations through AFM (American Federation of Musicians).

Film Arranger

The film arranger is responsible to facilitate musical comedy arrangements of to musical comedy composition or song for film.

The Film Arranger determines the instrument, voice, rhythm, harmonic structure, time and other aspects of a song or composition, based on the conductor or, film producer's specifications.

Film Conductor

A film conductor's principal duty is preparing an ensemble or orchestra for the finest performance possible in a film scoring session. This includes preparing the musicians for the sessions via rehearsals, and all other business affairs related to leading an orchestra.