Careers in Jazz Composition

Careers in Jazz Composition

Jazz Composer

A jazz composer creates instrumental parts, either to stand-alone or to be combined with lyrics. They may compose for live performance and/or recording situations, or for a specific location such as film/TV composers who score/compose music to enhance videos or films.

Jingle Writer

A jingle writer is responsible of writing music for radio & TV commercials. Generally they must be skilled in all styles, and be strong musical arrangers, and be able to compose well for a very short shape.

Film Scorer/Composer

A film scorer/composer is responsible of provide the orchestral dramatic underscore.


An arranger facilitates musical arrangements of a musical song or composition for an band, artist or orchestra. The arranger decides the harmonic structure, rhythm, voice, tempo, instrument and other aspect of a composition or song.


A songwriter is responsible of writes both lyrics and music and usually, a songwriter may also perform and/or create their own songs.


An orchestrator is responsible for transposing music from one voice or instrument to another in order to adapt a particular musician or group, and writing scores for an choral group, band, vocalist, individual instrumentalist(s), or orchestra.


The Conductor is responsible of preparing an orchestra or ensemble for the finest performance they are capable of presenting. This requires choosing the rehearsals, compilation, and possibly planning an entire stage of musical events.