Careers in Music Education

Careers in Music Education

Private Instructor

A private instructor does not work in a school but gives individual instruction to the students on a regular base. Normally a private instructor can fix his own honoraria and can only work outside an office or home, and generally they can give lessons of 45 minutes to 1 hour and to program its lessons per week once.

Choir Director

A Choir Director is responsible to investigate, to try, to lead, to select and preparing and presenting public performances of to choir.

Music Education Supervisor

A school music supervisor is responsible for coordinating and directing activities of teaching personnel who are engaged in instructing students in vocal and instrumental music in a school system or specific school.

Music Therapist

Generally, a music therapist uses music as an aid in healing, also a music therapist create a treatment plan and applies several strategic techniques to accomplish goals for the patient's improvement.

It's also a unique opportunity to contribute and help to improving the life of patients who are at several phases of recovery.

Music therapists work freelance or in hospitals, clinics, oncology, psychiatric centers, nursing homes and pain management treatment centers.

Music Librarian

The Music Librarian is responsible for recordings, cataloging scores and song folios, and generally they work primarily at an educational institution such a school, college or university.