Careers in Music Synthesis

Careers in Music Synthesis

Sound Designer

The Sound Designer is employed to building a sound library of synthesized original sounds and effects for artists, multimedia & production companies and music equipment manufacturers.

Film/Video Sound Designer

The Film Sound Designer designs creative sounds for images. As Rocky Balboa I, "When fight with Apolo Creed in the film, what does it sound like? This is the job of the Film Sound Designer."

The Film Sound Designer would determine if this sound can be recorded, or if it would have to be created?

Digital Audio Editor

The Digital Audio Editor, works with digital audio systems(edited) and also with the composers, designers and directors to put all these elements collectively in a highly ordered environment.


A music synthesis performer use music technology and MIDI for live performance.

Studio Musician/Synthesist

This person is responsible to touch and often programs synthesizers and other simultaneous musical instruments within a studio context.


The composer generally uses the computer and the technology of MIDI to create instrumental pieces. Also they can compose for a situation specifies as composers of film/TV that compose music to make videos or films.

Computer Music Researcher

The Computer Music Researcher is responsible of to investigate the associated programming languages with the composition of the sound.

Product Representative

The Product Representative travel and demonstrates the latest audio/MIDI software and musical instrument technology available to prodicers and musicians.