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Music related Jobs

Music related Jobs

Radio Disc Jockey

A disc jockey is responsible for introducing music, commercials, and news on a radio station.

Instrument Sales Representative

Instrument Sales Representatives normally sell musical instruments to instrument dealers for retail sale.


Interns perform tasks in specific departments of a record company while learning the business under the direction of management.

Music Shop Manager

Music shop managers manage and run music shops including buying and/or selling instruments, equipment, sheet music, and other music products.

Music Shop Salesperson

Music shop salespeople sell musical accessories, supplies, equipment, instruments, and sheet music to customers in a retail store.

Musical Instrument Builder/Designer

Musical instrument desigers, build and/or custom design instruments for sale privately or through a shop or factory.

Rack Jobber

Rack jobbers supply records and tapes to shops whose principal business is not the sale of records.

Record Shop (or Department) Manager

Record shop or department managers run a department or record shop on a day to day basis.

Record Shop Clerk

Record shop clerks sell tapes and records in departments or record shops.

Some Related Occupations:
Advertising Specialist Instrument Design/Restoration Public Relations Specialist
Art Director Lawyer - Music Industry Publications Specialist
Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Person Lobbyist Publicist
Band Leader Manager Recording Technician
Composer/Arranger Music Attorney Sales/Marketing Representative
Concert Promoter Music Critic Singer/Performer
Copy Writer Music Publisher Special Events Coordinator
Copyright Specialist Music Software Programmer Studio Musician
Critic Music Teacher Talent Agent
Disc Jockey Music Therapist Teacher/Professor
Editor Musician Technical Writer
Engineer/Mixer Orchestra Librarian Tour Manager
Film Music Director/Editor Promoter Writer/Music Journalist

Still More Jobs!

  • Music Historian
  • Director
  • Orchestra Music Librarian
  • Author (Pedagogy, etc..)
  • Retail Sales/Management
  • Nightclub Disc Jockey
  • Instrument Designer
  • Piano Tuner/Technician
  • Bow Repairer and Restorer
  • Nightclub Manager
  • Instrument Repair & Restoration
  • Music Librarian
  • Music Critic/Journalist
  • Computer Music Programmer
  • Repairing stringed instrument bows
  • Subscription and Ticket Service