Careers in Music Production & Engineering

Careers in Music Production & Engineering


The producer works as a creative leader for any studio, TV, Film or radio recording project. Generally the producer is responsible of to supervise all the recording processes.


The recording engineer is generally responsible of operate the soundboard and perhaps other electrical equipment during the time of recording of music. Normally the engineer may also be responsible for combining down the recorded tracks into the finished product.

Assistant Engineer

The assistant engineer toils in the recording studio and is responsible for assisting the recording engineer with setup, recording tracks, and mixing. He works as directed by the recording engineer.

Production Assistant

Generally the Production Assistant, is the producer's right hand person, usually is responsible of sending e-mails, reception of calls and other works of to take and to bring equipment of the studio.

Studio Manager/Owner

Usually is responsible of running the business of the recording studio & to giving for all the necessity of a professional recording studio.

Sound Technician

Sound Technicians are responsible of the sound of high quality during the live perfomance.

Generally the sound technicians reviews the placement of equipment, and works with the talent during the sound check to obtain the best sound.