Careers in Contemporary Writing and Production

Careers in Contemporary Writing and Production


An arranger is responsible of to provide musical arrangements of a song or musical composition for an orchestra, artist, band or other ensemble. The arranger determines the tempo, harmonic structure, voice, rhythm, instrument and other aspects of a song or composition, based on the producer, artist or conductor's explanations.


Normally a produce work mainly recording acts and record labels to produce records and also work with composers and produce sound recordings for TV, film & other forms of multimedia too.


Usually an orchestrator is responsible for transfer music from one voice or instrument to another in order to accommodate a group or particular musician, and writing scores for an individual instrumentalist(s), choral group, vocalist(s), band or orchestra.


A composer is responsible to create instrumental parts, either to stand-alone or to be combined with lyrics. Also they may compose for a specific circumstance such as film composers who compose music to create films or videos.

Film Scorer/Composer

A film scorer/composer is responsible of to accompany with music to a film or television.

Generally the principal role of a film composer is to facilitate the orchestral dramatic underscore, and only more recently has the plain soundtrack begun to stand on its own.

Jingle Writer

A jingle writer is responsible of writing music for television and radio commercials. The jingle writer are responsible also for representing their client musically as directed.


A songwriter is responsible of to write music and lyrics. A songwriter can work with a publishing company or a freelance songwriter and also can produce their own songs.


A adapter notates musical performances of a score from a recorded functioning.


A copyist is responsible of transfers musical fragment from a score on individual fragment. This person must have strong notation & replacement skills, training in music theory.


Also a conductor must have a strong ability on an instrument (recommendable piano), be able to sight read, and have a solid period personality.