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Band Manager

Band Manager

A talent manager, Band Managers or Music Managers, also is known the talent manager as personal manager, is responsible of the career of artists in the entertainment business.

The function & responsibilities of a talent manager can vary depending on the band he or she is managing. That is to say, if a band is just starting out, the band manager may take on the function of a number of jobs including promoter, booker, and many more.

Music Managers

Music managers can usually manage DJs, singers and Bands. The function of a music manager is prolonged, often tasks are divided between tour managers, promoters, bookers, agents, business managers, and personal managers.

Starting off

Normally, in the career of an artist in principle have different facets of marketing and manager. Usually when starting off, a new music manager should have a clear perception of what the artist(s) wish. This can be done through a verbal or written contract. A music managers generally as first objective is the launching of CD.


Is recommendable initially to indicate clearly the rates. Normally, a manager receives the 20% of the band's total income.


It's very important for a band to have experience in front of the multitude. If the artist wish a gig in a bar or some another place, expect there to be conditions.

Some questions:
  • What kind of music?
  • How many people can you bring?
  • Do you want a door cover?
  • Can you provide a door person?
These are some of the principal questions, but the principal intention for the bar owner is to fill their floor on any given night.


Generally, a artist always needs of a photographer for its pictures. Pictures of the artist can be used for posters, cd labels, websites, and press kit.

CD launch venue

Having the date of launching of the CD, one it can go out to search the place where will make the launching. Normally, this type of presentations has guaranteed a good audience.

Press Kit

Usually, the press kit is used to contact the press to promote the band.

A press kit consists of:
  • Pamphlet with the biography of the artist, career highlights and pictures.
  • A demo CD
  • A written article about the artist that the press can easily edit and submit in their paper.