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Music Industry Salaries

Music Industry Salaries

Different music categories offer different rates of pay, added to that these rates can vary from state to state, so how do you find out where you can get the best rate for your services either in your local area of further afield? The answer is quite simple, do a search on the Internet. By using this method it's possible to make comparisons between music jobs in your locality or in other states. You may even discover it's worth moving to a new location to earn a better salary.

Salary comparison calculator websites

If you do an Internet search for salary comparison calculator your results will give you a list of websites that provide little more than a calculator that will generate a total wage after deductions of tax etc. but these sites rarely provide actual comparisons of any sort. There is however one salary calculator that offers exactly what this article relates to. The website also includes detailed information of minimum wages by state. Not all states in the US are reflected on the website but the vast majority of states is included.

So why is this information so important? Your salary is important as your lifestyle is dictated by your earnings and when setting out in your early years can be a deciding factor in your future career path and of course if you are considering a change in music category, these statistics will help you identify where your earning potential could be maximized. To help you achieve identification of the music categories there is a very useful search box tool where you enter the category of job type of interest to you: Music Education, Instrument Making and Repair, Music Therapy, Music Communications, Composing, Music Librarianship, Arts Administration, etc.

You can also search on individual states and break that search down into job types.

Category: Instrumental Performance

Job Title Orchestral Musician
Salary $28,000-$115,000 per year
example: $33,328/year - Alabama Symphony (starting salary)
$112,840/year - Boston Symphony Orchestra (starting salary)
Additional Information This salary range represents a full time orchestra with a season of approximately 40 weeks. Other per service orchestras and orchestras with shorter seasons would have a lower salary.

Job Title Boston Area Community Orchestras
Salary example: $70/rehearsal, $70/performance for non-principals; $80/rehearsal, $100/performance for principals - Hingham Symphony Orchestra
Additional Information The salary range reflects orchestras that rely on volunteers to more professional orchestras. Some orchestras offer a scholarship instead of paying for each service.

Job Title Church Organist/Pianist
Salary $50/service-$50,000 per year
Additional Information This salary depends on number of hours worked (hours vary from 10-40 hrs/week), size of church congregation, & level of education.

Job Title Military Bands & Orchestras
Salary $21,000-$77,000/ per year
Additional Information Pay scale depends on rank, location, and organization. Some bands also have student loan repayment programs.

Category: Vocal Performance

Job Title Church Choir - Section Leader/Soloist
Salary $25-$100/service
example: $70/service - Soprano Soloist - The Church on Beacon Hill
Additional Information Section leader/soloist positions are generally paid whereas members of the choir generally volunteer.

Job Title Concert or Opera Chorus Member
Salary $12+/rehearsal; $100+/performance
Additional Information Auditions are required for these positions. Résumé and head shot are required for opera company auditions.

We have a list of Salaries and Positions here:

Music Education & Instrument Making and Repair
Conducting & Music Communications
Composing & Music Librarianship
 Music Education & Instrument Making and Repair
Lesson fee should reflect amount of teaching experience and the going rate in a region.
 Conducting & Music Communications
The higher salaries indicate a position with a major symphony or opera house and a season of approximately 40 weeks.
 Composing & Music Librarianship
Composers interested in writing music for films can get started by working with a independent filmmaker.
Music Therapy
Arts Administration
 Music Therapy
Music therapists provide services for children & adults with psychiatric disorders, developmental disabilities & mental retardation.It requires a degree in music therapy and an internship.
 Arts Administration
Learning to play with skill can be very rewarding, however is impossible if you do not first learn to read music. Arts Administration is really very easy.