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Category: Arts Administration

Job Title Administrative Assistant
Salary $20,000-$35,000 per year - Entry level arts administration jobs in Boston.
example: $30,039 - Michigan State University, Department of Music.

Additional Information Typically, entry level arts administration positions require organizational, interpersonal, and computer skills; office work experience, and knowledge of music/arts.

Job Title Public Relations
Salary $30,000-$75,000
example: $36,000-$45,000 - New Mexico Symphony Orchestra
Additional Information These positions require relevant work experience, strong communication skills and computer skills. Salary is based on applicant's qualifications & experience.

Job Title Development Associate
Salary example: $50,000-$60,000 - Director of Development - Delaware Symphony Orchestra
Additional Information Previous experience is required. Experience working with MS Office and database management is also required.

Job Title Executive Director
Salary $20,000-$250,000
example: $46,000-$55,000- Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
Additional Information Bachelor's degree is required and a master's degree is preferred. Typically, Executive Director positions require management and fundraising experience. Salary is based on applicant's qualifications & experience.

Category: Television, Radio, & Movie Recording (Studio Work)

Job Title Studio Musician
Salary Union scale
The pay rate varies according to the situation. Generally there is an hourly fee ($50/hour). The fee may be higher if you double or are the group leader.
Additional Information This type of employment is principally found in Los Angeles, New York, and Nashville.