How to Learn to Play an Instrument

How to play an instrument

Learning to play an instrument, generally can be discouraging to someone who has little experience, but in really is very easy and more casual approach to music.

Some Steps

  1. The fundamental is to have desire of learn to play an instrument.
  2. Get an instrument.
  3. It's recommendable to find a place to keep your instrument, generally where you are going to often see it during the day.
  4. Listen for the sounds that you like and to concentrate itself in some notes or rhythms that interest you.
  5. It's recommendable to learn the main theory of music. Also to recognize simple chords and scales will broaden your musical imagination. You can ask a friend to show you or maybe find some resource in Internet.
  6. Take some lessons of music if you think that it is necessary.
  7. Play with a friend, help to stay in time, this will introduce you to new forms of playing.
  8. Experts also recommend practice with typing test to gain speed and agility in the fingers.

Top 10 Musical Instruments

Generally there are instruments easy of learn that others.
  • Violin
    Violins are very easy to begin learning and is generally mostly suitable for children 6 years and older.
  • Piano
    Generally for kids 6 years and older, the piano is one of the most light instruments. Usually the traditional pianos are very recommendable for beginners.
  • Double Bass
    This instrument is like a huge cello and is played the same way, by friction the bow across the strings.
  • Guitar
    The guitar is one of the most popular instruments and is suitable for students age 6 years upwards.
  • Clarinet
    Another instrument of the woodwind family that is easy to begin for kids ten years and older.
  • Trumpet
    The trumpet belongs to the brass family of instruments and is quite easy to begin for students age ten and older.
  • Saxophone
    It'ss suitable for kids age twelve years and older.
  • Flute
    Flutes are very popular and suitable for children to learn at age ten upwards.
  • Harp
    It'ss suitable for kids age six years and older.
  • Cello
    Another instrument that is fairly easy to begin and suitable for kids six years and older.

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