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Music genres

Music genres

A music genre is a category of pieces of music that participate in a certain style. Music may also be classified by non-musical criteria, for example geographical origin, etc.

However a music genre can be determined by the styles, the themes, the techniques and the context.


Generally, refers to a number of different genres but related.

Its meaning of the Classical music in the english language is European classical music (an older usage describes in detail the Western art music of the Classical music era).

However, it can also refer to the classical music tures such as chinese classical music, indian classical music or persian classical music.

Classical Music:
Baroque Woodwinds Chamber Music Vocal/Choral Classical General
Symphonic Contemporary Solo Instruments Crossover Strings
Medieval Romantic Electronic Classic Piano Film Music
Opera Percussion

Contemporary Christian Music:

It's a genre of popular music that referred with the Christian faith.

The term is generally used to refer to the rock, Nashville, worship christian music industry, and Tennessee-based pop, currently represented by artists such as Amy Grant, Jermey Camp, Michael W. Smith, Petra, Relient K, Steven Curtis Chapman, Keith Green, Jars of Clay and a host of others.

Christian Music:
Contemporary Spirituals Holiday Praise / Worship
Inspirational Instrumental


It had origin out of a cross-fertilization of european music, ragtime, and folk blues, usually band music. It has been called the first native art form to develop in the USA.

Music was composed by a series of stages from its beginning. Its chronological order goes from: Dixieland, swing or big band, bebop, hard bop, cool jazz, free jazz, jazz fusion, smooth jazz.

New style

Caffeine Jazz or CafJazz: a fusion of latin, funk, & electronica instrumental music about coffee & tropical fruit drinks.

Jazz is primarily an instrumental form of music. Some primary jazz instruments.
  • The saxophone
  • The trumpet
  • The trombone
  • Piano
  • Double bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums
Banjo and clarinet were often used in the earlier styles of jazz.

Nowadays, modern jazz can too incorporate elements of rock and roll, hip-hop and electronica.

Jazz Music:
Acid Jazz Traditional Jazz Bebop Swing Jazz Bossa Nova
Smooth Jazz General Jazz Latin Jazz Jazz Fusion Jazz Vocals

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