Easy Listening, Latin American, Blues, R&B/Soul

Easy Listening, Latin American, Blues, R&B/Soul

Easy Listening

It's a style of popular music and radio format which began during the mid-20th century. It features simple, soft, catchy melodies, laid-back songs and occasionally rhythms suitable for dancing.

Easy listening music is generally instrumental, its tone can be produced by: Hammond Organ, "lush strings," or Ukulele.

Some singers, such as Eydie Gorme, Engelbert Humperdinck, Jack Jones and Andy Williams, have vocal styles which are highly compatible with this style.

Easy Listening Music
Lounge Mood Music Vocals Easy Listening Cover Song
Broadway Love song Soft Rock New Age

Latin American

Latin American Music, South America, music of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

The region of Latin America contains a wonderful musical heritages and cultural, including also the lowland Native Americans in the Amazon River area and too parts of Central America; those of highland Native Americans in Mexico, Andes and the Guatemala; those of African Americans, Guyana, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, especially in the Caribbean, Suriname, coastal venezuela and northeastern Brazil; and those of people of Spanish and Portuguese descent.

Latin Music
Balada Tropical Brazilian Tex Mex Central American
Tejano Cuban South American General Latin Salsa
Latin Cover Song Mariachi Mambo Ranchero Rock En Espanol
Mexicado Merengue


The blues is a vocal and instrumental music form that it had origin in the African-American community of the USA.

Blues evolved from West African spirituals, shouts, chants, field hollers and work songs and has its earliest stylistic roots in West Africa.

This musical form has been a major influence on later Western popular music and American, finding expression in blues, big bands, jazz, rhythm and ragtime, country music and rock and roll, as well as conventional pop songs & even modern classical music.

Blues Music
Acoustic Blues Jump Blues Blues Cover Song General Blues
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Rhythm and blues is a name for black popular music tradition. Usually, when speaking specifically of "rhythm 'n' blues", the word can refer to black pop-music from 1940s to 1960s that was not jazz nor blues but something more lightweight.

The term "R&B" refers to any contemporary black pop music. During 1950s R&B music became popular among white and black audiences, and popular records were often covered by white artists, leading to the development of rock and roll. In fact rock and roll was an interchangeable term with rhythm and blues in the 1950s, and term used generally depended on racial background.

Urban/R&B Music
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