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Music glossary - Letter E

Music Glossary



Elegy: An instrumental lament with praise for the dead.

Embellishment: Melodic decoration, either improvised or indicated through ornamentation signs in the music.

Energico: A symbol in sheet music a direction to play energetically.

English horn: Double-reed woodwind instrument, larger and lower in range than the oboe.

Enharmonic Interval: 2 notes that differ in name only. The notes occupy the same position. For example: C sharp and D flat.

Entenga: Tuned drum from Uganda; the royal drum ensemble of the former ruler of Buganda.

Etude: Study piece that focuses on a particular technical problem.

Euphonium: Tenor-range brass instrument resembling the tuba. Also baritone horn.

Exoticism: Musical style in which rhythms, melodies or instruments evoke the color and atmosphere of far-off lands.

Exposition: The first section of a movement written in sonata form, introducing the melodies and themes.

Expressionism: A term denoting a certain trend in music beginning during the second decade of the 20th century, particularly in Germany and Austria.