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Music glossary - Letter G

Music Glossary



Gagaku: Traditional court music of Japan.

Galliard: Lively, triple-meter French court dance.

Gallop: A dance of the mid-19th century in lively duple time, with a characteristic rhythmic pattern executed with hopping movements and frequently changing steps.

Gavotte: A 17th century dance written in Quadruple time, always beginning on the third beat of the measure.

Glee: Vocal composition written for three or more solo parts, usually without instrumental accompaniment.

Genre: General term describing the standard category and overall character of a work.

Gigue: A dance in lively triple meter (usually six-eight) which forms the last movement of Baroque suites.

Glissando: Sliding between 2 notes.

Goliard song: Medieval Latin-texted secular song, often with corrupt or lewd lyrics; associated with wandering scholars.

Gospel music: 20th century sacred music style associated with Protestant African-Americans.

Grave: Word to indicate the movement or entire composition is to be played very slow and serious.

Gregorian Chant: Singing or chanting in unison without strict rhythm. Collected during the Reign of Pope Gregory VIII for psalms and other other parts of the church service.

Grunge rock: Contemporary Seattle-based rock style characterized by harsh guitar chords; hybrid of punk rock and heavy metal.

Gusto: In good taste, tasteful.