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Music glossary - Letter H

Music Glossary



Habanera: Moderate duple meter dance of Cuban origin, popular in the nineteenth century; based on characteristic rhythmic figure.

Habon: Cuban classical music; lighter and more rhythmic than the Cuban contradaza.

Harmony: Pleasing combination of two or three tones played together in the background while a melody is being played. Harmony also refers to the study of chord progressions.

Harmonium: Organ-like instrument with free metal reeds set in vibration by a bellows; popular in late nineteenth century America.

Haunt: Medieval category of loud instruments, used mainly for outdoor occasions, as distinct from bas, or soft, instruments.

Homophony: Music consisting of a single melodic line supported by chords or other subordinate material.

Horn: See French horn.

Hymn: Song in praise of God; often involves congregational participation.