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Music glossary - Letter J

Music Glossary



Jabissary music: Music of the military corps of the Turkish sultan, characterized by percussion instruments such as triangle, cymbals, bell tree and bass drum as well as trumpets and double-reed instruments.

Jarabe: Traditional Mexican dance form with multiple sections in contrasting meters and tempos, often performed by mariachi mariachi ensembles.

Jia hua: Literally "adding flowers"; an embellishment style in Chinese music using various ornamental figures.

Jiharo: Puerto Rican folk music which reflected European influence rather than African influence.

Jig: A vigorous dance developed in the British Isles, usually in compound meter; became fashionable on the Continent as the gigue; still popular as an Irish traditional dance genre

Jongleuresses: Female jongleurs, or wandering entertainer/minstrels.

Jota: A type of Spanish dance song characterized by a quick triple meter and guitar and castanet accompaniment.

Jump blues: An early rhythm and blues style; it was an up-tempo style that featured the horn section.

Just Itonation: A manner of tuning in which the intervals are tuned so that they do not beat. In keyboard tuning, this means that the fifths are tuned very small in order to make most of the thirds pure.