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Music glossary - Letter Q

Music Glossary



Quadrille: A 19th century square dance written for 4 couples.

Quadrivium: Subdivision of the seven liberal arts; includes the mathematical subjects of music, astronomy, geometry and arithmetic.

Quadruple meter: Basic metrical pattern of four beats to a measure; too common time.

Quadruplum: Fourth voice of a polyphonic work.

Quartal harmony: Harmony based on the interval of the fourth as opposed to a third; used in twentieth century music.

Quartets: A composition that is written for four instruments or voices; also the four performers assembled to play or sing such compositions; most important type is the string quartet.

Quintet: A set of five musicians who perform a composition written for 5 parts.

Quotation music: Music that parodies another work or works, presenting them in a new style or guise.