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Complete information of diverse brands of musical instruments. Diverse models, company history & general brand description.

Guide to Piano Brands

With so several piano brands, choose one to purchase can be a daunting experience. We have a list of popular piano brands models, company history, awards and more.

Bösendorfer Pianos

It was founded by Ignaz Bösendorfer and the July 25 1828 is enabled to begin a piano manufacturing company in Vienna.

Early Awards Won:
• 1927 - Won the Grand Prix in Geneva for their grand piano.
• 1936 - Won first prize on a competition held by the British Broadcasting Company.
• 1839 - Won the gold medal and first prize at the Industrial Exhibition in Vienna for their grand pianos.
• 1839 - Received the "Imperial and Royal Court and Chamber Piano Manufacturer" award from the Austrian emperor.
• 1845 - Once again won the gold medal and first prize at the Industrial Exhibition in Vienna for their grand pianos.

Notable Models: Bösendorfer Model 170 and Model 200.

Newer Products: Bösendorfer 290SE, a computer grand was introduced in 1986, the Model 225, created by Hans Hollein, was unveiled in 1990.

Steinway Pianos

It was founded in 1853 in manhattan by Henry Engelhard Steinway, but before that had already built 482 pianos.

Early Awards Won:
• 1855 - Won the gold medals from U.S. and European exhibitions.
• 1867 - Received the "Grand Gold Medal of Honor" at the Paris Exhibition.

Notable Models:
• Model B-211 Drawing Room Grand
• Model C-227 Small Concert Grand
• Model D-274 Orchestral Concert Grand
• Model A-188 Boudoir Grand
• Model M-170 Miniature Grand
• Model S-155 Baby Grand

Newer Products:
• Louis XV Grand
• Chippendale Grand
• Professional Model V-125
• Professional Model 1098

Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Mason and Hamlin, named after Henry Mason, a pianist & son of Lowell Mason (considered as the "father of American church music"), & Emmons Hamlin, an inventor & mechanic. However it was founded in 1854 in Boston, Massachusetts, they first worked on a new instrument called an organ harmonium.

Early Awards Won:
• 1867 - Won the 1st prize at the Paris Exhibition for their American Cabinet Organ.

Notable Models:
• Mason & Hamlin pianos with serial numbers 1893 to 2699 were made in 1885.

Newer Products:
• OPUS7 • 228CFX • PianoCD • Model CC-94
• Model BB • Model AA • Model A • Model 50

Schimmel Pianos

: Schimmel, named after Wilhelm Schimmel and he was know as a wood carver or folk sculptor. He founded his company on May 2, 1985 in Leipzig, Germany.

Recent Awards Won:
• 1996 to 2001 - Schimmel pianos was honored by top French magazine Choc de la Monde de la Musique for the following models: Model 120 I (1996), SP 182 T (1997), S 125 DN (1999), CC 213 T (2000) and GP 169 T (2001).
• 1998 - Honored by another top French magazine, Diapason, for their Schimmel Model 116 S.

Notable Models:
• Concert Uprights: (Fortissimo F 122, Orchestra O 132 and Symphony S 125)
• Grands: (Salon Professional SP 189, Concert Orchestra CO 256, Global Professional GP 169 and Concert Chamber CC 213)
• Schimmel Uprights: (116 Series, 130 Series, 122 / 120 Series and 124 Series)

Newer Productos
• Art Edition CC 213 A
• Acrylic Grand CC 213 G
• Schimmel Pegasus Grand

Baldwin Pianos

: Baldwin, named after Dwight Hamilton Baldwin, however in 1862 Baldwin opened a music store in Cincinnati.

Early Awards Won:
• 1900 - Won the Grand Prix Award, International Exhibition in Paris
• 1904 - Top honors, St. Louis Exposition
• 1914 - Top honors, London’s Anglo-American Exposition

Notable Models:
• The Baldwin grand piano
• The Baldwin Acrosonic vertical piano
• The Baldwin Hamilton studio
• The Baldwin Model 6000 Concert Vertical piano

Newer Products:
• The Baldwin Pianovelle digital piano
• The Baldwin ConcertMaster Complete Player System
• The four-tiered Baldwin Custom Grand Piano Program

Kawai Pianos

: Kawai, named after Koichi Kawai, an inventor, credited as first designer and builder of pianos in Japan. He founded his laboratory in 1927 and was based at Hamamatsu, Japan.

Early Awards Won:
• 950's - Received the "Blue Ribbon Medal" from the Emperor of Japan.

Notable Models:
• Rachmaninoff Int'l Piano
• Tchaikovsky Int'l Piano

Newer Products:
• ES Series
• MP Series Stage Pianos