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History of Electronic:

Everything began in the 2nd century, BC. when was invented the Hydraulis by Ktesibios, also was considered the Greek Aeolian harp as the first automatic instrument. In that time also Pythagorus discovered numerical ratios corresponding to intervals of the musical scale.

In short had many advances to develop the music, has different permutations of pitch and rhythmic values. So if there were five durations and seven pitches, the pitches were lined up with the durations.

Electronic Musical Instruments:

Instrument Date Inventor Country
Clavecin électrique 1759 Jean Baptiste Delaborde France

The Electro-mechanical Piano 1867 Msr Hipps Switzerland
The Musical Telegraph 1876 Elisha Grey USA
The Telharmonium 1897 Thaddeus Cahill USA
The Singing Arc 1899 William Duddel UK

The Choralcelo 1909 Melvin Severy USA
The "Intonarumori" 1913 Luigi Russolo Italy
The Audion Piano 1915 Lee De Forest USA
The Optophonic Piano 1916 Vladimir Rossiné Soviet Union
The Theremin 1917 Leon Termen Soviet Union

The Sphäraphon 1921 Jörg Mager Germany
The Staccatone 1923 Hugo Gernsbak Germany
KurbelSphäraphon 1923 Jörg Mager Germany
The Pianorad 1926 Hugo Gernsbak Germany
The Dynaphone 1927 René Bertrand France
The Celluphone 1927 Krugg Bass & France
The Celluphone 1927 Pierre Toulon France
Sphaerophon 1928 Jörg Mager Germany
The Ondes-Martenot 1928 Maurice Martenot France
The Superpiano 1928 E. Spielmann Austria
Piano Radio-électrique 1929 A.Givelet & E.Coupleaux France
The Givelet 1929 A.Givelet & E.Coupleaux France
The Sonorous Cross 1929 Nikolay Obukhov France
The Hellertion 1929 B.Helberger & P.Lertes Germany