Assembling Your Flute

Assembling Your Flute

Very different from other instruments, the flute needs to be assembled before you use it. Most flute players know how to do this however not all know how to do it correctly so as not to damage the instrument.

The Correct Use:
  • Take the body of the flute by the edges & not by the keys.

  • Firmly hold the edge of the body of the flute on your left hand. Your left hand will be sort of your anchor, it must be in the original position. The right hand will do most of the work.

  • With your right hand, pick up the head joint & insert the edge into the body of the flute. Do not push it in too far, there must be about a quarter inch of the head joint showing which you can use for tuning.

  • Now, line up the lip-plate or embouchure hole with the keys.

  • With your right hand, pick up the foot joint on the edges. Let the foot joint slide down your palm, the 2 large keys must be clamped on the edge of your palm. Your thumb must not be around the bottom of the piece to avoid bending the keys when you twist on the foot joint.

  • Now, insert the foot joint to the edge of the body of the flute. You must line up the foot joint so that the rod is centered with the tone holes of the body joint of the flute.