Keyboard Instruments

Keyboard Instruments

Different Types of Pianos

The piano comes in several different sizes, designs, styles and shapes. Pianos have 2 basic categories: the horizontal and vertical pianos.

Horizontal Pianos

Also known as grand piano.
  • Petite Grand: This is the smallest of the group, and its size from 4 feet five inches to 4 feet ten inches, it's indeed small but still powerful.

  • Baby Grand: Popular piano of the group, and its size from 4 feet eleven inches to 5 feet six inches.

  • Medium Grand: Larger than the baby grand at five feet and seven inches.

  • Parlor Grand: Also known living room grand piano and its size from 5 feet nine inches to 6 feet one inch.

  • Semiconcert or Ballroom: Next size up from the Parlor Grand piano, it's approximately seven feet long.

  • Concert Grand: This is the largest of all the grand pianos, and its size of nine feet.

Vertical Pianos

They are called vertical pianos because of their height and the position of the strings, and they are excellent pianos for beginners.
  • Spinet: The spinet is the smallest of the vertical pianos with its height of 36 to 38 inches, & an approximate width of 58 inches.

  • Console: Console pianos are slightly shorter than the Studio piano and its height ranges from 40 to 43 inches & is approximately 58 inches wide. This type of piano comes in different finishes and styles.

  • Studio: They are used in music studios & music schools. It's 45 to 48 inches in height and has a width of approximately 58 inches.

  • Upright: This is the tallest of the vertical pianos, and its size from 50 to 60 inches and an approximate width of 58 inches.
Piano Composers and Musicians
 Piano Composers and Musicians
An image gallery of piano masters, including famous composers and pianists for the piano. The piano has always been one of the most popular musical instruments in history.
A piano is played by pressing the keys with both hands. Nowadays, the standard piano has 88 keys, the 3 foot pedals too has specific functions.