Music Instrument Fingering Charts

Music Instrument Fingering Charts

Violin Fingering Guide

Violin is a musical instrument easy of use and of learn and is mostly suitable for children 6 years and older.
Violin have a variety of sizes, depending on the age of the learner.

Cello Fingering Guide

Another instrument that is fairly easy to start & suitable for kids six years & older. It's essentially a large violin but its' body is thicker. It's played the same way as the violin, by rubbing the bow across the string.
The cello is usually played sitting down while holding it between your legs and also comes in differents sizes from full to 1/4.

Guitar Fingering Guide

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments and is easy to learn, however for beginners is recommendable not use electric guitars. Usually, Guitars come in a variety of styles & sizes to suit any students need.

Piano/Keyboard Fingering Guide

The Piano is one popular instrument, however the piano not is easy to learn, but the piano produces a beautiful sounding.