How to play:

Banjos can be played in many ways:
  • The frailing style, also called as clawhammer. Usually, the musician uses the nail of his middle finger & index finger. It's a playing technique used from 1800's.

  • By using a pick, the musician uses it to pluck or strum the strings. This is frequently used by Jazz and Irish musicians.

  • Scruggs-style, also called as 3-fingered picking style. Normally, picks are placed on the index middle & small finger frequently used in country, Irish, Bluegrass and folk music.



First Known Banjos.

The banjo it had origin African and in the 19th century was brought into America by slaves. In its' earliest shape it had 4 gut strings.


There are 2 main types:
  • Tenor banjo: More small that the 5-string banjo, it has four strings & used to play the jazz section.

  • 5-stringed banjos: Generally tuned to open chords & used in American and Irish music. As the name implies, it has five strings, four of these are used to play the melody.

Banjo Players

  • Harry Reser
  • Pete Seeger
  • Eddie Peabody
  • Béla Fleck
  • Perry Bechtel
  • Elmer Snowden
  • Earl Scruggs
  • Ralph Stanley