Double Bass

Double Bass

Double Bass also known as string bass, doghouse bass, acoustic bass, upright bas, bass violin, stand-up bass and contrabass.

How to play:

The double-bassist, or musician, may either play ot while standing or seated.
  • When seated: The bass is held by the musician's right thigh & pelvis & by the use of an endpin on the floor.

  • When stanging: The bass is held by the left leg while the left hand moves up & down the fingerboard.
The double-bass is played by using a bow across the strings, plucking or striking the strings.



First Known Double Bass:

During 1493, there was rumors about "viols as big as myself" by Prospero & in 1516 there was an illustration closely resembling that of a double bass.


The double bass comes in a different sizes to suit the age of the player. Nowadays, there is also an electric upright bass.

Double Bassists:

  • Edgar Meyer
  • Domenico Dragonetti
  • Roy Huskey Jr.
  • Scott LaFaro
  • Giovanni Bottesini