How to play:

The ukulele is played similarly to a guitar, by strumming. It's commonly tuned in the middle C octave & is generally used in bluegrass, jazz ensembles and even as a solo instrument.



First Known Ukuleles:

The word ukulele is Hawaiian for "leaping flea". The Ukulele has the form of a small guitar that is a descendant of the machada or machete.


The Ukulele has several types according to its' pitch: baritone, tenor and soprano. There are also concert model Ukuleles which is tuned to the key of C. A taro patch is a ukulele that has eight strings and a triple is like a ukulele that has ten strings.

Ukulele Players:

  • Roy Smeck
  • Ernest Kaai
  • Jake Shimabukuro
  • King" Benny Nawahi
  • George Formby
  • Eddie Karnae
  • Jesse Kaleihia Andre Kalima
  • Arthur Godfrey