Family: Wind
How to play: The musician must fill the bag with air by blowing into a pipe. Lung-power is very important in playing the bagpipes.

  • In bellows-blown bagpipes, the musician composes melody through finger holes & by moving the bellows with his arms.

  • In the case of mouth-blown pipes there is a bag but no bellows. Usually the player composes the melody through making different fingerings on the chanter.

Types The bagpipe is one of the oldest instruments and it had origin in Scotland. Bagpipes are used in festivites as well as marching bands. There are 2 main types:

  • Mouth-blown bagpipes, played by blowing air into it by mouth
  • Bellows-blown bagpipe, the air is supplied by bellows.
First Known Bagpipes Early forms of bagpipes existed in ancient Rome, Persia & Greece. The bag was made of the stomach of a bigger animal or animal skin. It used to have 3 parts: a chanter or tube, a bag and a valved tube to prevent the return of air. It's from this form that the modern bagpipes evolved.