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Types of musicians

Types of musicians

The musicians are persons who compose or play music, and can be organized by their function in performing or creating music.
  • A conductor coordinates a musical ensemble.
  • Composers and songwriters write music.
  • An instrumentalist plays a musical instrument.
  • A singer (or vocalist) uses his or her voice as an instrument.

Musician types

  • Amateur
    An amateur musician is somebody that considers to music as a pastime and not as a main occupation.

  • Professional
    Professional musicians are paid musicians who dedicate all time to their main occupation. Usually professional musicians can work in a studio, freelance or record label.
Musicians constantly practice to be able to develop the skills and their chosen style. For example, the practice of modes & scales by Instrumentalists.
  • Orchestrator
  • Improviser
  • Rapper
  • Conductor
  • Singer (vocalist)
  • Record producer
  • Composer
  • Arranger
  • Instrumentalist
    • Accordionist
    • Bassoonist
    • Cellist
    • Clarinetist
    • Electronic musician
    • Flautist
    • Guitarist (Electric, Acoustic)
    • Keyboardist (Keyboard player)
    • Organist
    • Pianist
    • Percussionist
    • Saxophonist
    • Trumpeter (also Trumpet player)
    • Violinist
    • Violist (Viola player)
    • Bassist
    • Harpist
    • Bouzouki player
    • Hornist
    • Euphoniumist
    • Organ grinder
    • Drummer
    • Bandurist