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Music Theory

Music Theory

Is recommendable that each musician knows the basics of music theory.

Here we offer some tips of help!

Note Reading

A staff is made up of 4 spaces and 5 horizontal lines.


Pitches are named after the first 7 letters of the alphabet (A B C D E F G).


A clef is a musical symbol placed at the beginning of the staff that determines the letter names of the spaces and lines. The 2 main clefs are the treble and the bass.

Treble Labled
Bass Labled

A grand staff is a combination of both the treble & bass clefs connected by a vertical line on the left side of the staves (plural staffs).

Grand Staff

Ledger Lines are an extension of the staff.

They are extras lines both above & below which are parallel to the staff. Normally, each ledger line contains one note.

Treble Ledger Bass Ledger

More about music theory

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 Intervals & Scales
An interval is the distance between 2 notes and they are always counted from the lower note to the higher one.
 Chords & Symbols
A chord is any harmonic set of two or more notes that is heard as if sounding simultaneously. There are 3 types of chords.
 Expression Marks
You will find definitions for the most common expression marks which appear in sheet music.