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Music Theory - Chords


A triad is a group of 3 notes having a specific relationship & construction to one another.

They are constructed on three consecutive lines or 3 consecutive spaces. Usually, each member of the triad is separated by an interval of a third and it is composed of a root, trird, and fifth.
There are 4 types of triads: augmented, diminished, minor and major.
Triad - Augmented Triad - Diminished Triad - Minor Triad - Major

Inversions of Triads

Each triad have 3 positions that they can be arranged in. The root, 1st inversion, & 2nd inversion.

  • Root Posicion Triad:
    If the triad root is in the lowest voice then the triad is in Root Position.
    Root Posicion Triad
  • 1st Inversion Triad:
    If the third of the triad is in the lowest voice the triad is the 1st inversion.
    1 Inversion Triad
  • 2nd Inversion Triad:
    If the 5th of the triad is in the lowest voice, the triad is in the 2nd inversion.
    2 Inversion Triad

Figured Bass

It was developed in the early Baroque period and it was a system of musical shorthand that made the writing of keyboard parts easier.

It was customary for the composer to write out the bass line & to place Arabic numerals above or below the figured bass to indicate the harmonies.

In figured bass the Arabic numerals represent the intervals that sound above a given bass part. Certain abbreviations have become well known.

Figure Bass
Figure Bass
Figure Bass